about me!

hey, i'm the webmaster here! i'm autistic and i've been interested in coding since 2010 - though i was much better at it back then, somehow. i decided to make this website partially out of disdain for the ever-chaotic state of most other social media, and partially because i wanted a space on the web where i could put literally Anything i wanted without judgement or fear. i'm still teaching myself to code, and it's really fun - and rewarding!

me, i'm a writer, artist, and creator. i'm currently getting my associate's degree in creative writing... you could not stop me from creating if you tried! i've always been artistic to my core - i mainly do poetry, creative nonfiction, fiction (usually short fiction), digital art, and sculpture, but i'm trying to get into other forms of art like sewing, music production, jewelry, video games/interactive fiction, and zinemaking. i'm always seeking to expand my creativity and have fun with the world around me. i'll explain more about my writing projects further down on this page.

i'm the host of a complex DID system, schizoaffective, and physically disabled (mobility aid user). i mention these things here because they impact pretty much every part of my life, and disability justice/activism is extremely important to me. i aspire to become a disability activist in my local area, and actively am working in every way i can to make things for disabled folk in mid michigan better and the city and culture more accessible.

i have 3 cats named ryleigh, athena, and astraea, 2 fish, and a german shepherd-lab named ember. i really love animals :)

i'm otherkin and fictionkin, mainly i am nonhuman; i am an alien. i don't really know much more than that, but i've heavily identified with aliens my whole life. it's a spiritual identity rooted in the othering from society i experience as a disabled person, but also very real to me. i perceive myself as an incomprehensible, ancient alien energy being who doesn't quite compute to the humanoid mind! isn't that cool?


here are my fictionkin types!
L-R: casey brinke (doom patrol), valentina vostok (doom patrol - tv only), lyta alexander (babylon 5), aeryn sun (farscape), flower (cbs ghosts), shev akria (star trek: starfleet academy)

vorlon (babylon 5)

my writing projects!

you can read my writing here or (off-site link) here!

i'm working on 3 novels right now, and they're very important to me: my main novel, the reposing force of the great lakes, a superhero novel that challenges the concept of uselessness; fate harvested, a space opera about space criminals and the adopted daughter who wanders into their life; and little circles, a psychological horror novel about escaping childhood. these stories are really important to me!

i have a page for the reposing force of the great lakes right here!

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