"Who are you?" "What do you want?"

"what is babylon 5?" what ISN'T babylon 5!

in all seriousness...

babylon 5 is a space opera television show that aired from 1994-1998 (with several tv movies, tie-in novels/comics, and a short-lived spin-off happening during and after this time).

it's a story about, in a very basic description, the crew of the station Babylon 5, which had been designed as a five mile long space station in neutral territory, to be a haven, a port of call, a "last best hope for peace" in avoiding any more war and suffering.

spoiler alert: it fails at its goal. miserably.

babylon 5, planned out meticulously as a 5-year story arc, a "novel for tv", was about war and about endurance, about faith and suffering, about souls, about transition, about light and darkness and gray area. it is tragic, it is inspiring, it is realistic, it is harrowing, it is everything to me.

that probably sounds really cheesy but IT'S TRUE!!! i've been a fan of the show for TEN YEARS now! i started watching in 2013 after seeing the 20th anniversary phoenic comic con panel and it has not left my brain since. probably my longest special interest ever. i'm running an endless project dedicated to preserving its fandom history and internet presence right now. it's the show ever. definitely one of the shows ever made.

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