another shrine for one of my special interests, bloc party :33

they're an indie rock band formed in london by kele okereke and russell lissack, who ran into each other at a music festival in 1999 and decided yeah why don't we make a band? they recruited 2 new members, matt tong and gordon moakes, and at first they went through a bunch of names, such as union and the angel range, before they finally decided on bloc party. in 2005, they released their first album, silent alarm, which became very successful.

since then, they have released 5 more studio albums and 2 EPs. the band lineup currently consists of kele okereke, russell lissack, louise bartle and justin harris. my personal favorite album of theirs -and also my favorite album all time ever - is intimacy, released in 2008!! it's the most beautiful album i've ever listened to.

as of writing this, their most recent release was the high life EP! go check it out! my personal favorite on there is blue, such an incredible love song.