Ivy White

Ivy White

Ivy White

Ivy White without her coat.
Species: Metahuman
Powers: THC-Induced Super Strength
Age: 26
Identity: Cisgender Bisexual Woman
Affiliation: Knife's Edge, Henneth Mansion
Height: 5'0"
"“You know this isn’t fair,” Ivy notes. “Super strength against fire control. In stick-fighting."

Ivy Amelia White was a citizen of Knife's Edge, Michigan and a rejected applicant to the Reposing Force of the Great Lakes. She allied with Kingsley Henneth and his family shortly after her interview with the Reposing Force, moving in with them and, later, asking for their help in the quest of saving the Reposing Force from Soren - a quest given to her by Kira Ramos.

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Ivy Amelia White was born a healthy baby girl to Rosa and Simon White on May 15, 1997. For the first few years of her life, Ivy was a normal, happy child. She recalls watching the ducks gather outside her childhood window, laughing as she and her mother gave them names and backstories. When Ivy was eight years old, her mother, Rosa, was killed in a car accident. After this, both Simon and Ivy changed for the worse; Ivy began acting out in school, and Simon, increasingly unable to deal with single parenthood and his grief, became physically abusive to Ivy.

Ivy discovered her powers at the age of 15, after a classmate offered her a hit of their joint at a party. During the party, one of the most desired boys in her class approached her and tried to take advantage of her when they were alone in the bathroom. Ivy pushed him away, unaware of her own increased strength, and the force caused him to fall through the door and into the brick wall behind it, accidentally killing him. Ivy, high for the first time, terrified and impulsive, screamed for help, told the police that he was so drunk he passed out and hit his head, and that was that.

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