DOOM PATROL (2019-2023) a DC TV show based on the Doom Patrol comics! originally a show on the obscure and now-defunct DCUniverse streaming service, now living on HBOMax, doom patrol is about a group of immortal metahumans who got into terrible accidents that gave them each burdensome metahuman abilities.

the main characters - rita farr/elastiwoman, larry trainor/negative man, vic stone/cyborg, cliff steele/robotman, jane/the underground, and (as of season 3) laura de mille/madame rouge - are each societal outcasts for various reasons; larry because he's a gay man who grew up in the early 20th century, jane because she is a trauma survivor with DID, etc. the first season shows each of their backstories and the roots of all their trauma - why they've been so isolated for the past six decades, their traumas and depressions, and, one by one, each character starts to heal as they search for their team's leader, niles caulder.

the seasons after that have all tackled different themes: season 2 parenthood, season 3 love, season 4 existentialism. it's a show that genuinely loves its characters and wants to see them be happy, but in a realistic sense.

Doom Patrol has been a special interest of mine since I first started watching in April 2019! It means so, so much to me. Many people have talked about how Larry's beautiful and sensitively crafted storylines have helped them accept their LGBT identity, and I definitely feel the same way - seeing Larry, Danny, and Maura helped me feel more confident in my identity, and helped me accept the ambiguity of my own gender. Watching Larry unfold and watching Danny be so loving and accepting was like... coming home to a better version of myself. Jane's story helped me cope when I was diagnosed with DID.

Since becoming obsessed with Doom Patrol, I've written 900k words of fanfiction for it, written an article about it for GateCrashers (under my old pen name), written about Jane and my diagnosis, gotten Larry Trainor tattooed permanently onto my shoulder, and... a lot of stuff.

This show is my entire world, and has been for quite a while. Just in case you didn't notice.

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