What is Excessthrive?

ExCeSSThRiVe (Excessthrive) is the name I've devised for my personal alternative fashion style. The idea behind excessthrive is that one thrives when dressing in a way that makes them happy, without caring about how it may look to an outsider. Excessthrive is for those who love to live in excess; those with massive collections, those whose rooms and minds are always cluttered, those who love patterns and can't ever decide which outfit looks best, those who are considered Loud and Too Much and Too Weird by society.



Excessthrive borrows from subcultures like Decora Kei and Scene, as well as largely being based on fashion trends seen in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. But truly, excessthrive is just about finding happiness in excess - it's really what you make of it! To be excessthrive, you must simply be kind to others and dress in a way that makes you feel seen.