about this page!!

i've been interested in "out-there" fashion since a really young age! i never wanted to dress "normally". at first i was really into the goth subculture, and then the emo and scene subcultures, and i still adore those, but now i've made my own style!! i describe it in my about page as "somewhere on the spectrum of grandparent to time traveler from an alternate 1980s dimension where the fashion trends were, somehow, weirder", but i should probably come up with a more polished name for it one day. it's... pepper-core fashion haha!!

the more patterns, the more color, the better! we don't believe in clashing here, we just believe in love and embracing your uniqueness.

really, part of the reason i dress this way is that i'm visibly disabled and if people are already going to stare at me... why not go all out?

my inspirations!!

fran fine!!

harper finkle!!

strawberry switchblade!!

the b-52s!!