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you are cornflowerblue

Your dominant hues are cyan and blue. You like people and enjoy making friends. You're conservative and like to make sure things make sense before you step into them, especially in relationships. You are curious but respected for your opinions by people who you sometimes wouldn't even suspect.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is bright. You see good things in situations where others may not be able to, and it frustrates you to see them get down on everything.
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agender, alien, creature, dyke, faerie, femme, freak, gender expressive, lesbian
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I am mozzarella!
Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple

An artist at heart, you listen to your emotions and let them lead you through life. You might seem melancholy on the outside, but you truly care about those close to you, and have a lot of wisdom to share with the world.

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