why do i self ship?

i self ship for a lot of reasons - to cope (the main reason tbh), because i like expanding the possibilities of my favorite universes by creating self inserts for them, because i just have a lot of love in my heart, because IT'S FUN!!

self shipping has helped my confidence a LOT, and helps me cope with a lot of things that would make society consider me "unlovable" (psychosis, physical disability, et cetera). ever since i joined the self ship community, i've had a lot more self-esteem, and it's REALLY helped my creativity too; i first got into digital art because i fell in love with a fictional character, haha!!

plus i really just love fictional characters & making self inserts B-)

my main f/o

my main fictional husband is the negative spirit from doom patrol tv 2019 💗💗💗💗

here's our page💓

other f/os!