hello, you can call me pepper or yarrow! i'm a writer and artist from mid-michigan :))

im a nonbinary femme lesbian, but i use he/him pronouns mainly because gender is a game and fuck everything. i've been writing since i was about FOUR entire years old, i started typing and just never. stopped. you can read my writing here! i'm working on 3 novels right now, and they're very important to me: 1. the reposing force of the great lakes, a superhero novel that challenges the concept of uselessness; fate harvested, a space opera about space criminals and the adopted daughter who wanders into their life; and little circles, a psychological horror novel about escaping childhood. these stories are really important to me! i'm working on pages for them right now.

i'm autistic, physically disabled, and mentally ill; i don't like to disclose specifics, but i'm a polyfragmented system, schizospec, and a mobility aid user, and i only mention these things here because disability rights and justice are extremely important to me, and these issues are things that signficantly impact my life on a daily basis.

i have a unique fashion sense that's somewhere on the spectrum of grandparent to time traveler from an alternate 1980s dimension where the fashion trends were, somehow, weirder. i am very passionate about fashion in general, but sideways.

i am otherkin + fictionkin and this helps me with my identity & feelings of alienation from humanity due to being disabled&nd. you can see my fictionkintypes to the left of this page, but my main kintype is alienkin -- i don't know how to label the experience for me, but I Am An Alien!!!

science fiction media is one of my favorite things in the whole world because of that, and currently my favorite, longest, and possibly most intense special interest related to it is babylon 5! i love babylon 5 a lot. a lot of this website is b5 themed. sorry! it's everything to me. my other main special interest is the doom patrol show, which is also everyhthing to me - i am Very Passionate about Television Shows But Only Obscure Ones.

other things i am passionate about: foreign language, marine biology, zinemaking, cooking.

favorite things!

music: bloc party!!, depeche mode, pet shop boys, soft cell, megan thee stallion, placebo, poe, purity ring, nova twins, OMD

television: babylon 5, doom patrol, star trek: lower decks, star trek: ds9, psych, remington steele, farscape, gravity falls, doctor who

movies: venom, ready or not, madagascar franchise, the nice guys, kung fu panda, the batman

animals: cows!! anteaters!! deep sea fish!!

fiction kintypes:

i use these to cope with identity issues, so they're important to me but also idc about sharing or anything like that idk


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